It was back to Mt. Joyce for the 5th round of the SRAM Gravity Enduro by Event Management Solutions Australia. This round had a little French twist to it with the stages to be raced not being released prior to the event, considering this was the second round to be held at Mt Joyce this year it was a great idea to keep us all on our toes a little. Apparently this also stressed a few riders out with the anticipation that we would be riding more of the DH specific tracks.

Race Day

4 stages in a 3.5 hour window with a touch under 200 riders.

This was the best that I had rode in an event, I managed to keep it smooth, kept it pointing in the right direction and didn’t make any mistakes….. but (there is always a but) I dropped my chain on 3 out of the 4 stages. Lesson learnt, 1 x systems that say you don’t need to run a chain guide, yeah you should still run a chain guide when racing!

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Next Event

State Champs are on in November at Toowoomba, but I will try and get to the Dingo Enduro at Hidden Vale in late October.

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