It's me,Bradley Davis!
I'm a software engineer living on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Who Is Bradley Davis?

He is still trying to work this out, if this was LinkedIn it would read something like....

A full stack engineer with a passion for application development. 10+ years experience delivering positive outcomes to small and large businesses. Experienced within global digital product and government based organisations.

Highly proficient operating in a cross-functional agile team working with technical and non technical stakeholders from prioritising requirements through to delivery of development.

The real me....

I live on the Gold Coast with my beautiful partner and two dogs. I spend way too much time thinking about cycling and riding bikes.

Cycling and then racing bikes became a passion and a way of life pretty quickly. From improvements in focus, preparation, personal relationships and dedication to achieving team and individual goals, cycling has given me skills that have benifited my work and everyday life in almost every aspect.

If you want to chat about bikes, check out my socials and you can DM there: