One of my favourite/most visited eCommerce websites used to have this feature and I thought it was the ducks nuts because I knew that if I completed the order before that time, I had a rough idea when someone would knock on the door with the delivery. I thought this was an awesome idea so I created a version for WooCommerce.

Why a Shipping Countdown?

For two main reasons really:

  1. It educates your site visitor when the next shipping of goods will happen and,
  2. It creates a level of urgency to checkout and complete the order so they can receive the order as soon as possible.

Shipping Countdown Features

  • Minimal styling so it inherits from your theme or allows you to style easily without overriding a bunch of plugin styles.
  • Set everything up from within the Customizer, under WooCommerce.
  • Set the shipping countdown title/heading, you could make this a message like, “We can ship this item in….” etc.
  • Set a time that you want to countdown to for shipping.
  • Select a day, or days that you ship.
  • Select a location to show the shipping countdown on the product page, current options include:
    • After product heading
    • After product price
    • After short description
    • After add to cart

Hope you like it!

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