A lot of the eCommerce websites I visit seem to have a way of showing product features, for example, I am looking for a new snowboarding jacket and they will always list things like, “Waterproof zips” as a product feature with a little image, but how do you do this with WooCommerce?

Well after a client also asked to have the same ability on their eCommerce website, I decided to build the plugin and finally have released in into the WordPress plugin repo. Go check it out.

Want More Details on Product Features for WooCommerce?

You got it!

I decided the requirements needed to be:

  • Site admin can create as many product features as needed.
  • One product feature should be able to be assigned to many products.
  • A product feature should have an image to display that can be uploaded by the site admin.
  • A product feature should have a text area that displays when the product feature is hovered over (I know, this is not helpful on mobile as there is no hover state).
  • On a product, the site admin should be able to select a product feature easily from a list of product features that have already been created.
  • The site admin should have an option to decide at a global level where the product features are displayed

I also needed to keep this plugin low on features and style as I wanted it to be easily extendable at a later date from the feedback I get from the users (hopefully I get users).


Product features displaying on a proudct page


When you hover the image, the product feature description is displayed.


In the right sidebar under “Product Features” you can select from a list of product features you have created.

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