It is official, my collarbone is broken! How did this tragedy happen I hear you ask? Well as it turns out, my achilles heel is taking a shower. Yes, taking a shower! Let that be a lesson to you kids, don’t shower! It may also have had something to do with hitting a tree two […]

Yep, my birthday has just rolled on past again so it was a good excuse to pick up a new trusty¬†steed. Straight to see the team at Just Ride Nerang, say hello to the new member of the family, a Specialized Stumpjumper. Oh and can someone come around and do some work on our gardens, […]

I know that this does not really fall under the “search” banner, but I really wanted to share this as I thought it was just straight out wrong! With my sister living in Tasmania, I get sent every contest on the planet of the earth to try and win a free trip down to see […]

Why did I build my own desk for the office? The problem I found with the majority of desks is that they are not very deep, around 60 cms. Great if you are looking to have the blood circulation cut off in your arms and fingers, but not really ergonomic if you want to be […]

One of the great things about working for yourself and from home is the ability to pack your laptop, take it to another country, work and enjoy life! This is currently the view from our bedroom window for the next 6 weeks. But to be honest, you don’t get breaks in the weather for that […]

More Tonchin Ramen

If you find yourself in the middle of the red light district of Shinjuku Tokyo and have the sudden craving for ramen, I would highly recommend you check out Tonchin Ramen! At Tonchin, like many Japanese restaurants, you order via a vending machine, the average ramen dish is ¬•680, but of course you need to […]