WooCommerce RRP

WooCommerce RRP is a WordPress plugin for WooCommerce that allows a users to add text before the regular price and sale price of a product from within WooCommerce General settings. You can also select to have this text displayed on archive templates by simply clicking a select box.

WooCommerce Image Hover

WooCommerce Image Hover is a WordPress plugin and it was my first committed to the wordpress.org repo. I didn’t think anyone would use besides the client that requested it, but I was wrong. WooCommerce Image Hover allowes you to hover over a WooCommerce product thumbnail and it will replace the main product image with the […]

Kaka is a theme that was built for building cool websites. It is a responsive WordPress starter theme that is light, clean and fast. Based on Underscores by Automattic combined with a few little extras to make things easy and consistent. As a started theme I have a few built in helpers like hooks, SASS […]

niseko webzine

Niseko Webzine was born in 2006 on Blogger, after a year more control over the site with a more flexible and powerful CMS was needed, everything was migrated to the current domain and developed on WordPress.

JD Wedding Photography

I have been working with www.jdweddingphotography.com.au on the Gold Coast since I started as a web developer and this was the first responsive site that I built before the boom of “everything needs to be responsive”!