Kaka is a theme that was built for building cool websites. It is a responsive WordPress starter theme that is light, clean and fast. Based on Underscores by Automattic combined with a few little extras to make things easy and consistent.

As a started theme I have a few built in helpers like hooks, SASS and Gulp to get everyone moving quickly. Setting up Gulp will allow you to compile and minify the SASS files as you work, even the editor styles are updated.

Kaka has 30 hooks built into the theme to make it quick to add content and functionality with just a few lines of code. This is done using the WordPress core functionality, add_action() and remove_action().


The main navigation uses the standard WordPress menu and is mobile/tablet friendly…. yes even the sub menus.

Feature images are used on post and page content types above that span the full width of the screen.

Page layouts consist of a content area (66% desktop width, 100% mobile width) and sidebar (32% desktop width, 100% mobile width).