I know that this does not really fall under the “search” banner, but I really wanted to share this as I thought it was just straight out wrong!

With my sister living in Tasmania, I get sent every contest on the planet of the earth to try and win a free trip down to see the crew, I am yet to win one, but I am still trying!

On this occasion I went to enter, filled in all the fields, yes I removed them for the screenshot, got to the two tick boxes, didn’t tick the box to receive “deals” from the sponsoring business, ticked the box to accept the T & C, hit the big blue button to enter………..what the shit? Nothing happened!!

Oh but it did, on a second glance I noticed the, “This field is required” next to the first opt-in box!

My response:

Get @#$%^@ you cheeky #@$%^ers!

Why the censored quote? Just on the change that mum and/or dad might read my blog!

In my opinion, making it mandatory that you sign up to receive “deals” from three companies to enter one competition is really bad form! If these companies were of interest to me, then I would have ticked the box. But they are not!

Yes, I know competitions are run to build and grow customer databases, but what if I don’t want to be emailed by any of these companies? Bad luck would be the right answer!

Did I enter the competition? Yes! 🙁

Will I unsubscribe from each of the sponsoring business listed? YES! 🙂

  1. Firstly, I’ve only ever sent you two of these comps if my memory serves correct (mighty good chance that it doesn’t!).
    Secondly, thanks for entering anyway! x
    Thirdly, how freaking RUDE of them! I didn’t even notice that.

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