Better late than never right?

I honestly cannot believe how quick the time has gone from attending WordCamp Gold Coast to the point of sitting down to write this post.

So here it is WordPress homies!

WordCamp Gold Coast 2011 was my first WordCamp, or any web industry event for that matter. Needless to say I was a little excited, yet nervous as I did not know what to expect!

The event was held at Bond Uni and I don’t think the organisers could have picked a better location on the coast. Comfortable lecture theaters (well, more comfortable than Griffith Uni) and the catering, OH THE CATERING, sweet mother of god I could eat those Smoked Salmon sandwiches everyday!

Pre WordCamp Stretch Up

Before attending a WordCamp, take a few minutes to stretch up and read the post by The Web Princess (@thewebprinces) – Maximising WordCamp Gold Coast – Three keys. Honestly, I wish I had found the post before the event and gave myself a few “goals” to achieve from the networking side of the shindig.

My WordCamp Takeaways

  • The WordPress community is flippin’ awesome!
  • Regardless of your WordPress experience, use or abilities, you will find attending a WordCamp is the gravy!
  • John Ford (@iamjohnford) will have you wanting to work for Automattic within minutes. DAMN YOU JOHN FORD!! Check em out, you know you want it – Automattic – Work With Us
  • Meeting people from your online world is not as intimidating as I thought, so make sure you introduce yourself!
  • Follow attendees and speakers on Twitter. From my point of view it has been extremely educational and has introduced me to other resources to increase my WordPress knowledge – much love for sharing the goods!
  • WordPress can be used in ways you had not imagined! Kate Swaffer’s talk was great and it’s amazing how she uses WordPress to help combat dementia and now is helping others.
  • Other business owners and freelancers have and do experience the same type of hurdles. Knowing that is a massive confidence builder. Thanks @Youdaman and @tontodigital
  • Put time in to securing your WP site – prevention is better than recovering. Thanks for the chat Vlad – @VladLasky
  • Japh (@Japh), a WordPress Super Hero at Envato, outlined why you need to invest in your coding skills, not just for yourself, but for your clients as well. As a self taught WordPress, CSS, HTML with a touch of PHP type of guy I have started the search to formally up my skill level. Update: A shout out to Bronson Quick (@bronsonquick) for the Twitter feedback.

Post WordCamp

Once you have recovered from the event, you will realise that you now have a WordPress addiction! You will need support from family, friends and I highly recommend you seek the support of a specialty group that knows what you are going through.

These groups should help:

Other Wordcamp Readings:

Looking forward to the next Wordcamp!


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