This plugin is available from, download РWooCommerce Image Hover.


WooCommerce Image Hover is a plugin that is obviously designed to work with WooCommerce. It gives your single product pages a new feature, when you hover over a product thumbnail it will show the thumbnail image as the main image, when you stop hovering over the thumbnail the original image comes back.


[bs_row class=”row”]
[bs_col class=”col-xs-4″]


Mouse not hovering….. but its lurking near a thumbnail!

[bs_col class=”col-xs-4″]


BOOM! Mouse pointer is hovering and the image has changed.

[bs_col class=”col-xs-4″]


Magic, the mouse is lurking and the original image is back.


Want to code this up yourself? No problem, I wrote a quick how to a while ago called – Product Thumbnail Mouseover Main Image.

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