Went to WPCandy.com today to find out if the delayed second edition of WPCandy Magazine has started shipping or to find any updates at all, only to be treated to the stock standard Twenty Twelve theme by WordPress. Looks like the April edition of WPCandy Magazine that was going to be shipped in late October or early November, might not be shipped at all! 🙁

Their Twitter account (@WPCandy) has not been updated in a few days and there does not seem to be any announcement that it was coming to an end, does anyone know what is going on over at WPCandy?

Twitter Search For WPCandy Updates

Looks like it is not just me that is seeing this:

WPCandy Update…..A Few Days Later

Just checked back on WPCandy and it looks to be back, a little broken it seems, but better then seeing the stock standard theme.

WPCandy Rebuild Continues

Word on the street (Twitter), is that WPCandy was hacked and they are working on getting it back to real deal. They are getting closer, but it looks like they have lost some content, the latest post is dated August 30th 2012.

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